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"Dan Kilian swallows hot coals of worry, regret and sorrow, then spits out diamonds of pop music." That's what they say about me. They is me, in a press release. I turn my problems into teenage girls. I write songs, make videos, and provide entertainment. I have five albums under my name, three more with The Ks, with collaborators wrote and produced three musicals: Waste Fraud and Abuse, Space Chick and The Portal of Time, and Pigeon With A Vision. I have a sketch comedy podcast: Spaghetti Grenades

New single "Airborne" is out! 

Here it is on Spotify.

Here it is on Apple.

Here it is on YouTube.

Here it is on Amazon.

Too Much Entertaiment Album Final.jpg

I'm so excited by this latest album

Too Much Entertainment

I think it's the best thing I've ever done.

The stand alone sequel to Your Love Is All I Can Stand: 

You Better Sit Down.

YBSD Album Cover.jpg
RRHR Album Cover3000.jpg

 Rain Rain Hail and Rain

Your Love Is All I Can Stand

I've got a sketch comedy podcast, Spaghetti Grenades. Short absurd pieces you can digest quickly.  Cross media pollination don't you know. Download it here or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Here's the musical I wrote with Dave Benjoya and Bryna Kearney. 

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